Welcome to the Cork ‘n bottle

Welcome to the Cork ‘n Bottle, the friendliest and most knowledgeable stop for fine wine, artisanal spirits & craft beer. We were established in 1960, so if you’re interested in it, we’ve probably seen it-- whether it’s a rare bourbon, limited-edition run from an obscure brewery, or a small-production wine from a tiny appellation in the middle of nowhere. 

We’re passionate about what we sell, and we’re dedicated to curating an interesting rotating selection of delicious and sometimes hard-to-find beverages of all sorts. Want a special order? We’re your store. Want help finding a wine for dinner tonight? We got you. Planning a party and need a little help figuring out what you need? No problem. 

We’ve got a hand-picked selection of small-producer wine, with an emphasis on wines from the old world, and domestic wines of balance and finesse. Our spirits selection focuses on interesting, smaller brands alongside some of the staples. And we strive to have the best rotating selection of intriguing craft beers from Wisconsin and around the world. 


Cork ‘n Bottle | 855 East Johnson Street, Madison WI 53703 | (608) 256-3620